by Cubzoa

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Written & recorded by Jack Wolter in Carvoeiro, Portugal August/September 2014

All songs recorded and mixed on an IPhone.


released September 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Cubzoa France

Cubzoa is homemade music written and recorded by Jack Wolter. Please download and listen everywhere you may go. Hope you enjoy.

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Track Name: Follow Me
Stitch my eyes so I can not see
I'm sorry for my curiosity
Stop and stair at beauty
No I can't wait
Follow me

Fall from a great hight
Leave the dog alone you will still get a bite
Come and hold my broken hand
Follow me
Follow me and we will be
Track Name: Juice
Could be drinking all of the juice
Never met nobody like you, who is so damn bruised
We are thinking of loosing the plan
Never known somebody like that old man
So we said, love gets only the best

We are sailing, lost all our cloths
Sold them to somebody who knows the turns
We are floating, this boats a joke
Never known so many birds fly above
And so we whisper, find your own way
Track Name: Too Far Too Gone
Left it all behind again
Lost my mind in front of them

Who's to say who's wrong or right
Never mind, keep out of sight
Lost in all the water
Too far too gone for rescue
Track Name: Treasure
Lost my idea
Lost my ideas
Put it in a bag
Put it in a bag

Sell it for treasure
It's not too far to measure
Let the people know
Let the people know

Keep it inside
Something to hide?
It will all go away
We'll all end up alone
Track Name: Chlorine
You left your head out
Hope it clears your swollen ears
You laugh your head off for all these years
And all these tears
You made it worse

Jump in with all your cloths
Break your nose
The depth who knows?
Chlorine you itch my feet
You make me clean
And so it seems
You make me smell a certain way